I am multi-media specialist, videographer, video editor, artist and educator.

I am life long learner in all things pertaining to media & technology. With a highly trained background in videography, post production editing, social media marketing, basic graphic and web design, copyright and content writing, and social advocacy; I am always looking for new opportunities to build my skill!

I manage media and communications for organizations and work on an affordable sliding scale basis to meet the budget of growing groups. While working with artists, small businesses, grassroots and non profit organizations, I have shot and edited video on a variety of topics including live events, keynote speakers, interviews, weddings, music videos and more. Because of my wide array of experiences and diverse background in production and design, I am capable of handling your digital and print media needs with creativity, passion and integrity.

My research and creative work revolves around topics of social studies, media theory and documentary production. I believe in advancing media arts to support social justice efforts and have a strong commitment to work with students and youth to help empower and grow our educational systems. Additionally, I am interested in experimental digital art, music production, conflict resolution, and hiking.

Interested in working with me?  You can contact below.